About CSTR

The Texas A&M Clinical Science and Translational Research (CSTR) Institute, is a multi-institutional initiative of Texas A&M University and Health Science Center, and their affiliates, in partnership with Houston Methodist Hospital and Research Institute, to promote the highest quality clinical and translational research across Texas A&M and its partner institutions, and train the next generation of researchers capable of expediting the application of biomedical advances into patient care and improved population health.

Vision: The overall vision is the integration of life sciences, engineering, community engagement, and clinical care to catalyze and expedite clinical and translational research across the rural-urban interface.

Mission: Our mission is to overcome barriers and create innovative paradigms for accelerating clinical and translational research.

Goals: The overarching goals are to: i) accelerate the development, testing, and application of innovative healthcare technologies and therapeutics across diverse populations; ii) translate the next generation of biomedical research and technologies into the highest quality clinical trials and improved healthcare; iii) innovatively train a workforce capable of team research for leading the development and application of advances in biomedical research; iv) creatively overcome barriers that inhibit interdisciplinary clinical and translational team research; and v) accelerate interoperable collaboration across the CTSA network.

Key Components:

  • Translational Science Base 
  • Research Expertise and Methods
  • Research Implementation and Participation
  • Network Resources
  • Mentored Career Development