Community of Clinical and Translational Scholars (CCTS)

In addition to the KL2 program for clinical degree holders and CTS graduate programs, the CSTR Institute has implemented a Pathfinder Program to foster institutional-wide access to training and educational resources. Trainees under this program become members of our Community of Clinical & Translational Scholars (CCTS) and can participate in additional enrichment activities provided by this community. Current CCTS scholars are:

  • Alicia Lahey (MD/PhD program; CTS PhD track-Biomedical Sciences)
  • Jessica Cromheecke (MS program; CTS track-Biomedical Sciences)
  • Zhaleh Amini-Vaughn (MD Plus program, CTS MS track-Biomedical Sciences)
  • Cody Dornhecker (MD Plus program, MD/MPH track)
  • Juvenal Havyarimana (MD Plus program, MD/MPH track)
  • Alyssa Munkres (MD Plus program, MD/MPH track)
  • Stephanie Reinhold (MD Plus program, MD/MPH track)
  • Syed Naqvi (MD Plus program, MD/MBA track)
  • Alejandro Parres (MD Plus program, CTS MPH track)
  • Carl W. Tong MD, PhD (CCTS Assistant Professor)
  • Tanya Garcia, PhD (CCTS Assistant Professor)
  • Omolola Adepoju, PhD (CCTS Post-Doctoral Fellow)