Community partners

Some of our community partners include:

TX Medicaid Regional Health Partnerships: The regional partnership are locally-developed confederations that promote access to healthcare services, improve quality, ensure cost-effectiveness, and coordination of care. For more on the Regional Healthcare Partnerships.

Brazos Valley Health Partnership: The Brazos Valley Health Partnership is a health care consortium representing the seven county regions in Central Texas. For more on the Brazos Valley Health Partnership.

The Community Research Center for Senior Health: Founded by Scott & White, Texas A&M School of Rural Public Health (SRPH), and Central Texas Area Agency on Aging and Disability Resource Center (AAA/ADRC), the Community Research Center for Senior Health engages individuals and their communities in programs that improve Senior health and well-being. For more on the Community Research Center for Senior Health.

The Center for Community Health Development (CCHD): The goal of CCHD is to develop relationships with rural communities and populations across the state, and through those relationships, discover and disseminate ways to improve health status, particularly of low-income persons and the disadvantaged. For more on CCHD.

CenTexNet (Central Texas Physician Network): CenTexNet is a primary-care practice-based research network that seeks to enhance the capacity of its primary care provider members to conduct research in primary care settings and to translate relevant research findings into practice. For more on CenTexNet Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN).

Emergency Medicine Practice Research Network (EM-PRN)