Clinical Investigation and Trials

The CSTR Institute serves a unique niche in the state by providing a rich clinical and translational research environment with access to over ten million patients across the rural-urban interface of underserved communities of Central Texas. Our ability to address the needs of rural and underserved populations from both a research and practice perspective reflects the combined strengths of clinicians and researchers at Texas A&M and its partners, affiliated health care institutions, and community organizations across central Texas. To this end, the Institute provides an excellent infrastructure for conducting the highest quality research across the T1-T4 continuum by engaging health care providers and community members to more effectively develop, promote, and conduct innovative, collaborative, and rigorous clinical investigations and trials.

This program

  • Supports the creation of the infrastructure and processes for coordinating and conducting clinical investigations and trials.
  • Promotes bidirectional engagement and understanding among providers and communities to increase understanding and interest in clinical investigation and trial participation.
  • Participates in regional and national CTSA network initiatives to conduct multisite clinical trials.
  • Develops education and training curricula that contribute to the preparation of a diverse workforce for developing and conducting clinical investigations and trials.

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