Translational Research

The CSTR Institute offers services that promote innovation in translational research by lowering barriers to collaboration and by insuring access to a full spectrum of research resources and services available at Texas A&M and its partner institutions. CSTR services are designed to support the formation of multi-disciplinary translational research teams addressing important issues of human health and disease. Particular emphasis are directed toward leveraging the unique strengths and resources of the CSTR Institute in key areas of translational research such as drug discovery/development research, regenerative medicine and innovative veterinary models of human disease.

This program

Assists in the development of multi-disciplinary research teams and the application of state-of-the-art translational research technologies and methodologies that are focused on addressing important issues of human health and disease.

Promotes and expedites dissemination of information and the commercialization of biomedical discoveries that have the potential to benefit human health.

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